Our Church was started by mothers who wanted a local Sunday School for their children. The first church in the Carmichael area, it was built by the dedication and efforts of the residents as a community church. It was officially chartered on December 2, 1923. The early church leaders chose affiliation with the Presbyterian Church because they liked the democratic organization of the denomination and its emphasis on education. Throughout the past eight decades Carmichael and CPC have grown and developed together.

We are a Christ-centered church—affirming our past while being enthusiastically committed to the present and dedicated to a God-guided vision for the future. The remodeling of our mission-style church begun three years ago was envisioned as the opportunity for renewal of our faith and facilities for outreach and mission in the 21st Century.

Our two, very different Sunday worship services, congregational activities and church events provide religious opportunities for a wide range of members from many different backgrounds. This is a church where diverse people come for God’s grace and find new paths to strengthen their relationship with God.

We invite you to join our fellowship in preserving our legacy of faith and expanding our spiritual vision of the future.